Aimed at investors focused on regionally diversified sustainable projects targeting positive impact and integration of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors and interested in infrastructure as a diversifier and low correlated asset class with high levels of resilience and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Leveraged Co- Finance Fund USD 300 MILLION
Business Type Sustainable, social and environmental infrastructure projects.
Term 10 Years
Investment Period 3 years
Fund Manager CIFI as General Partner and Manager
Leverage Up to 50% leverage
IRR Targetk 9.5%
Risk Latin America region, primarily project finance with strong credit structures.
Investors Institutional investors mainly from the LAC region and Europe.
DEBT European Development Finance Institutions

CIFI Securitization Fund – El Salvador

Infrastructure debt vehicles are used to sell loan participation to investors in El Salvador and provide them with asset diversification (including geographic). At the same time, CIFI continues to manage the portfolio for them.

Key Terms Overview

Securitization fund size USD100 million
Asset pool Participation in infrastructure projects in Latin America
CIFI’s role Source and portfolio management
Securitization company RICORP Titularizadora
Placement Agent Atlantida Securities
Rating agencies Zumma Ratings

SC Riesgos

Investors Local pension funds and other institutional investors

Fondo de inversión Cerrado Libre para el desarrollo de Infraestructuras Dominicanas I

Debt Fund in the Dominican Republic is denominated in local currency aimed at investors locally and with an investment policy focused on infrastructure assets inside the country.

Key Terms Overview

Fund Size RD$ 14 billion (eq USD280 million)
Term up to 20 years
Investment period 3 years
Business type Infrastructure projects
CIFI’s role Loan origination, structure, and portfolio management
Fund Manager AFI Universal
Risk Local investment projects
IRR target 200bp on sovereign debt
Investors Local pension funds


Debt Fund in Brazil denominated in local currency aimed at local investors and with an investment policy focused on domestic infrastructure assets.

Key Terms Overview

Fund Size BRL 500 million (eq USD 93.5 million)
Fund type Receivables Investment Fund (Fundo de investimento em Direitos Creditórios (FIDC))
Term up to 10 years
Investment period 3 years
Profitability targets IPCA + 6.5
CIFI’s role Credit Consultant (Fund Advisor)
Fund Manager EUV Asset Management
Fund Administrator Singulare
Investors Institutional and professional investors