Our Mission

Cifi Asset Management provides global investors with sustainable and attractive risk-adjusted returns by leveraging CIFI’s long-standing investing and structuring capabilities.

Our Vision

Lead global investors enabling their investment in developing sustainable infrastructure in the region.

Creating Sustainable & Financially viable Long-term Assets

Origination & Transaction Sourcing

Our Investment Team has developed a broad sourcing network employing a philosophy of long-term collaboration at all deal levels.

CIFI (CIFI AM’s parent) has sourced and financed transactions in most Latin American and Caribbean countries.



    • Renewable Energy: Geothermal, Co-generation, Solar, Wind, Hydropower, Other
    • Alternative Fuel
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Transmission and Distribution

Transportation & Logistics

  • Airports
  • Highways
  • Railways
  • Logistics Centers
  • Parking Lots

Water, Wastewater and Waste Management

  • Water Treatment
  • Drinking Water
  • Recycling
  • Waste Collection and Management
  • Landfills, Other


  • Engineering and Construction
  • Construction Materials
  • Infrastructure Conglomerates


  • Cable Telephony, Television, Internet Operators
  • IT Services, Data Centers

Other Infrastructure

  • Smart Cities (green buildings, mobility)
  • Leisure and Recreation (ecotourism and related services)
  • Healthcare (hospitals, clinics, laboratories)
  • Education (schools and higher education)
  • Utilities (general services)

ESG is Central to our Investment Process

CIFI AM has a transparent and accountable approach, using data-driven decisions for sustainable development with long-term investor benefits and social impact.


CIFI Asset Management launches the CIFI Sustainable Infrastructure Debt Fund

At CIFI, we seek to generate a transformative and positive long-term impact for our clients, employees, investors, society, and the environment, while offering sustainable returns globally. That is why, through CIFI Asset Management (CIFI AM), in collaboration with development institutions, institutional investors, and private banks, we are introducing the CIFI SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE DEBT FUND. This financial instrument channels resources toward developing sustainable infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean through safe and responsible investments.